Friday, January 21, 2011


I haven't blogged or done anything productive in such a long time... other than school that is.

However! I am now involving myself in not one or two, but three fashion shows happening here at Mcgill! I'm beyond excited to finish all my looks! I went to Fabricville and I fell in love with fashion all over again.

Currently, I am in the process of making two different looks for a show coming up next Friday! I pulled together a women's look .. it's a 'tornado inspired' dress. And just two days ago, I was told to put together a men's look. In less than two days, I have a dress rehearsal! There is no way that I can possibly finish a look so quickly. My plan? I ended up going to Value Village and buying a plain white t, a grey plaid pleated front dress pants, and a purple cotton dress shirt.

I have so much work to finish... but photos to come soon!
I just cannot wait until this is finished. In my mind, I can envision it, and it looks really nice.

My S/S'11 is going to be inspired by a lot of light and pastel colours, with like a more sophisticated nautical type look. A preppy-ness to it that makes it still diva glam.