Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rise and Shine

It's 6am, and I'm up doing work. I seriously need to work on time management. Nonetheless, I'm up doing my homework. Oh the last bits before I never have to touch high school work again.

I seriously so badly want a newer camera. I need one so that I can take snapshots.

Poloroid camera! That's right! They got new and improved!
Getting one for my summer would be ultra fun. I can have a collection of poloroids in my new room posted everywhere?

I love that it's only $90 too! And here I thought Poloroids were extinct. Makes me a little happier that they're still around, unlike the Dodo Bird.
It's either get something like this, or really save up and invest in a fancier camera. I mean, I would really like to explore the photographic arts. It's just so beautiful to be able to capture the finest moments in life.
Hmm.. lots to think about.

On the other hand, Luminato starts in two weeks! I still need to grab tickets for Prima Donna. It's a contemporary opera that is having its world premiere at Luminato! It incorporates both opera and fashion. Oh I'm so excited for it! I'm going to take my daddy with me to see it for Father's Day.

The sun is finally rising.
Let's go. A new day begins


So I finally met the girl yesterday, Briar & her mom Sonya. I did not expect her to look so mature! Well, I mean, she's not, but she's really tall. She was towering over me with her heels and everything. Nonetheless, it was ok i suppose. She is definitely not fond of talking. To some degree, I'd have to say it was a little awkward.

Anyways, I showed her my ideas in real life, and she liked it. However, she didn't want that. And explained to me what she wanted. I just pulled out my sketchbook and gave it to her to draw it out herself. What was it? Basically what I drew sans-lace. Hello! You could've told me that straight up easily.

There was a reason for me adding the lace. It would've looked so much better and not so plain. Whatever, she didn't want it. However, there will be lace across the middle instead. I think I undercharged her. $200 customized alteration that has included material? That's so good...for a buyer. For a seller, I feel like I should've pushed for $250 at least. Oh wells.

So I finally got a chance to see the Halston Heritage Collection that was being raved about. Some of the dresses in the 2010 S/S Collection:

These dresses in real life? BARF. Looking at them on the racks, super gorgeous. The material that was used was so light and flowy, ultra perfect for the summer. The colours for definitely a very bright pop! but it wasn't so much in your face.

Bad side of the collection? Well, first of all, this suits the tall and tiny people. What do I mean by that? Easy. The length of these dresses are meant for taller people, otherwise they drag it to the ground. Tiny? Well, if you're a little thick, the dresses make you look like a big fluff ball. There's a lot of layers and elastic that is located in a spot that is not too flattering. (refer to the orange dresss) of course you can add a belt to it to cinch the waist, but still, the effect of it makes a person look like a big ball.

I tried on this hot neon pink chiffon dress. It felt so nice. I put it on and oh my. It was definitely not something that was for me. I felt like a gospel singer with the robes on in a choir. It was not pretty at all.

However, I did manage to find this ultra cute LBD. I'm going to wear to my commencement! It's so chic and effortless, I absolutely loved it the moment I put it on. The best part? I didn't need to pay $200 for the dress. I scored it for a little less than $100.

The Bay is seriously my new favourite shopping destination. The clothes selection that they offer are so beautiful. Where else am I going to find the entire colletion for Ralph Lauren? I have this skirt for me on hold in black, it's such a nice unique take on the high waisted skirt. It's not your average flat-front one. Oh no, it's one where there's a little bit of draping and some cinching. It's beautiful. Only problem? Oh damn, it's all the way at Yorkdale. How terribly sad.

So what do I do instead? I call them to extend the hold.

Last note, I think I will dress up this friday. I'm going to be a superb disney character for the banquet.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Busy Busy Girl

I have projects. Not just projects for my regular daytime school, but projects I'm doing for commission. I mean, I am happy that I get work, but unhappy no one replies emails. It's annoying! But, here are my two current projects. Both needed by end of June, also, by the way, when my exams start! Oh boy.


She's not my project. Her dress is though. She wants to make it look like these:

So I came up with the idea of...

Not too bad right? I mean I love it. :) Hopefully I'll end up making it for me too? Who knows.
It's for the girl's grad. Awww, that means she's only grade eight. That's super cute. I want to do her makeup too. I know it'll be absolutely fab with the outfit. I can envision it already...


The second one isn't so hard. I just have to recreate this one.

I miss my mannequin that works. The stand no longer holds my mannequin. It's really sad. Oh poor Something. (That's the name of my mannequin, Something).

For now, I'm going to just focus on my academics again.

I want sleep so bad.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Fresh Start

After many years of blogging and giving up on it, I think it's time for me to start fresh. What will this one be about? What a good question. Well, the other blogs I've used before, it's mostly just my ramblings about whatever. This one shall have a purpose :) It won't just be ramblings (but do realize I LOVE talking, so rambling...kinda part of the deal) but photos of what I'm doing... think more arts and fashion.

On another note, my current obsession:

How can you not love harem pants? I seriously need to either invest or make my own.
They are ultra comfy and ultra sleek. Since I am a non-believer of structured pants (and by that I mean non-jegging jeans) an alternative to leggings is desperately needed.

Four more weeks til I'm done school.

Just saying