Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Busy Busy Girl

I have projects. Not just projects for my regular daytime school, but projects I'm doing for commission. I mean, I am happy that I get work, but unhappy no one replies emails. It's annoying! But, here are my two current projects. Both needed by end of June, also, by the way, when my exams start! Oh boy.


She's not my project. Her dress is though. She wants to make it look like these:

So I came up with the idea of...

Not too bad right? I mean I love it. :) Hopefully I'll end up making it for me too? Who knows.
It's for the girl's grad. Awww, that means she's only grade eight. That's super cute. I want to do her makeup too. I know it'll be absolutely fab with the outfit. I can envision it already...


The second one isn't so hard. I just have to recreate this one.

I miss my mannequin that works. The stand no longer holds my mannequin. It's really sad. Oh poor Something. (That's the name of my mannequin, Something).

For now, I'm going to just focus on my academics again.

I want sleep so bad.

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