Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just Thinking

For me, I think it has always been about the little things. I mean big things are good too, but it's the little ones that means the most. What do I mean by that? Well, there are things in life that I really want. And they're not anything that's too materialistic or expensive at all. They are the things that only people who really care would do for you. Like there are some dreams I have that I don't know, I feel silly thinking about them, but, it's really something that would make me happy everytime I think of it.

One is that I've always wished that I could have flowers delievered to my school. I don't know, it's tacky, but just that whole movement seems so lovely. I just like packages. Like Fed Ex and DHL, I love packages. And if they're flowers, that's just perfect.

Another one is watching the sunset or sunrise. I have always wanted to drive out and watch the sun while drinking some hot chocolate and under a nice warm blanket. I know, it's very movie-like. But, it's just a dream right?

Those are two that I've really wanted. Oh well, it's ok. I feel like a hopeless romantic lately. I'm really craving those sweet gestures that just hasn't been quite a part of my life lately.

I shouldn't be thinking about such foolishness. I have a history thing due tomorrow and there's no coffee !

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