Wednesday, July 7, 2010

summer loving

I know it's been a long time since I updated, but hey! I've been busy. Busy is always good, I like the hustle and the bustle of the ever moving city, it keeps me breathing. I'm an on-the-go type, if I'm not doing anything, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

Anyways, updates.
Today was the first day I started on the internship I scored with Individual by iclothing. Laura, the designer behind the brand is an amazingly talented person, with a fabulous personality. We ran around downtown looking for the perfect filigree ring and mid-tone sexy elegant (not sexy hoochie) nightie. Took forever, but task complete. I even bought a filigree ring myself, and paid half because she's using it as an option for the shoot tomorrow.

Wore the most spring/summery outfit today.

A white lace tank from Mexx, a soft pastel pink satin blazer from Costa Blanca, a pair of flowy floral shorts from the H&M Garden Collection, a silver multi-chain necklace from Suzy and a pair of tan suede lace up heels from Costa Blanca X.

My lace tank actually had ruffles in the front, but I didn't like it too much so I cut it off, and now, I love my tank - except it's too big for me, well, I'll fix that eventually.

And Laura gave me a piece from her f/w 2010 collection, it's absolutely gorgeous. I'll post a picture up later.

On another note, what did I find out last night? Well, TopShop is finally in Canada! They now ship and they opened a store within a store. They are selling at Jonathan + Olivia on Ossington! I'm definitely checking that out tomorrow.

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  1. Just stumbled onto your blog, and wanted to say 'hi'.

    Hope your internship is coming along well! I look forward to hearing good things about it.