Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Been a While

So it's been a while since my last post, since my summer, so much has happened.

Regardless, I have now relocated myself to a new city with new opportunities! I am currently in Montreal, Quebec - a city that surprisingly much different than Toronto (even though it's still a city)


I have now found myself yet another internship, except this time, I'm working with a fashion PR company called, Fashion 4 Freedom. Just went to the first meeting on Saturday, very exciting stuff! We have a show coming up to promote Filthy Haanz during Halloweekend. That weekend is going to be hella amazing!

Speaking of Halloweekend, does anyone else have a costume idea yet? I think I have mine, it's going to be - well, let's just say interesting.

Got myself a job (regardless of the fact that I don't speak french, but I understand for the most part) at Forever 21. Excited to say the least.

I need to be venue hopping soon. Gotta find some gorgeous places to host future events. I refuse to conform! ...but isn't non-conformity conforming to the rebels? (clearly I'm thinking about my classes too much) How done am I with the same clubs being done time and time again?

I'm going to paint my nails grey now. My nail polishes never stay on, I think it's because of my laziness I don't base coat.

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