Thursday, October 21, 2010

Greta Constantine S/S'11

Greta Constantine showcased their Spring/Summer 2011 collection at LG Toronto Fashion Week. Let me first comment on their take on the greek goddess. When you think greek goddess, what comes to mind? Togas. White togas. Kinda takes you to a college party doesn't it? 

Mais non! Not Greta Constantine! The duo made their pieces so light and airy, I feel like just by looking at it, I feel like I'm by the Mediterranean breeze, not the need to down a few shots. The draping and flowy-ness on the dresses makes it such a versatile dress. I could wear it to the resort and just lay by the beach with my bikini on underneath, or glam it up for night wear. But seriously, draping. It's a Greta Constantine thing. It kind of reminds me of their S/S'06. But like I said again, they're draping obsessed. Doesn't matter to me, I still think it's fabulous! 

I like how in this collection it's a very earthy feel to it. The nudes make it very neutral, and if you're not feeling the nudes, the colour choice is very subtle. It's not a loud look at me, I'm an eccentric attention seeker! colour scheme, rather it's a reserved kind of chic that people can't help but to look at you. 

Favourite look? The first picture. Note how cropping out the middle section and making them into two pieces looks as if she's wearing a belt. I thought it was kind of fun, especially since how the middle belt trend blew up. The middle belt is to emphasize your waistline... this shows it off, which does emphasize it! I thought it was genius. 

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