Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Delightful Surprise

I had no idea that this was what to expect for Kanye's Runaway Film. How breathtaking is this? The cinematography was done so well.

On another note, the phoenix! If my Halloween costume were that, it would have been beyond amazing. And the way she moved like a phoenix, it was definitely not like any 'bird' I've seen. She looked so great. Her makeup, hair and overly exaggerated nails was such a good hybrid of human-bird.

To be honest, I still think Kanye's a pompousy douche, however, I'll admit that he's really good at what he does. The music is actually not bad, and the whole idea is so good. I would have never imagined him to be so artistically inclined.

I especially enjoyed the different symbols and images he used to represent various parts of his life and history too (can you see them?)

I know I'm late on this, I mean, it came out last week, if not the week before; regardless, I still think it's still blog-worthy.

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