Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I know it's already been a couple days, but it's still worthy to talk about.
Halloween! One of my most favourite occasions of the year!

You see, I love dressing up. Period. Dress up to go out, dress up to go to a formal, but especially dressing up to be someone (or something) else.

This year, with Halloween falling on a SUNDAY, I had 3 days to dress up! Was I ever excited!

And here's the breakdown:

Friday: That's right! I was Snooki! I actually bronzed myself up! I got a darker foundation and spread it all over my upper body and my face. How tanned am I? Like my hair? Bump-its are the best! But I don't think I'll be doing more poufs or have my boobs spill out like they do here anytime soon... however! I will still keep my fists pumping.

Saturday: Arrrggg, me name is a pirate. Nothing too special. I wore fishnets for the first time. They are rather awkward when you rub your legs against each other. It's such a funny feeling since they're mostly holes in your tights. And after I put them into the wash, it's like so weird looking. Oh wells, fishnets, really, are for Halloween... otherwise, it's hooker-wear.

Sunday: so if you can't tell already, I don't take pictures. Or I hardly ever take pictures. Anyways, you can't see it very well, but I was a vampiress. Pretty scary to say the least. Made my top... didn't work out so well. Lesson learned: never make anything without giving a good amounts of time to try on and make sure it fits. My corset was way too big on me. Half the time, I was dancing with it half on me. It's ok, like any club, people were probably too drunk to notice anyways.

Hope everyone else had fun with Halloweekened too!

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