Sunday, November 7, 2010


So I wake up this morning and think darn. It's already 10 am. I look at my phone to check some messages, and behold! It's not 10am, it's only 9 am! Oh how I love Canada and their need to fall back an hour in the cold seasons. An extra hour can do so much!

Talking about the cold,

how annoying is it that so many times that I try to buy ankle boots in the store, and they have an open toe? I mean it's getting to about 4 degrees here everyday, and you expect me to wear shoes that aren't going to cover my toes? Don't get me wrong, I love open toed shoes, they're my absolute faves! However, when it's going to get close to freezing point, I'd rather not have my poor toes not be covered. It's sad because so many beautiful shoe options are open toed. Great trend, but I'd much rather have seen more of this in the S/S collections, rather than the ones for F/W.

Another thing about trends on boots.

Rainboots. The question here is why do most of them have obnoxious prints or crazy colours? (of course there are the exceptions, but that's why I said most) I mean having rubber boots doesn't mean the need for ridiculous pictures on them are required. I'm still looking for nice rainboots (not feeling the hunters or michael kors or burberry... too many people have them) and so, my search continues..

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