Wednesday, November 3, 2010

China Fashion Week

Personally, I've never really looked at China as being one of the places to have fantastic fashion weeks. I guess I've always it in my mind that it would be very asian-inspired collections, and to be honest, since I was little, I haven't been a big fan of the asian-themed textiles.

However, after taking a glimpse of what they have to offer this week, I must say, I am baffled. Not only is it tres avant garde, but also very creative and over the top.

It's so risque. And fresh. It's so unexpected!
Sooner or later, China will be one of the 'it' fashion spots. When you think fashion now, I think of New York, Milan, Paris and London. Sooner or later, Beijing will be in that list too.
Let's give it another five years.


  1. nice. now if their regime would only be less repressive... :)

  2. AHH! i love your fashion blog caelestia!
    very insightful, i had no idea that china had any of this goin on!