Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Annual MMVAs

Unless you were living under a rock in Toronto the past weekend, you probably know that The 22nd Annual Much Music Video Awards happened on Sunday. I was on passing by the Much Music building a lot this week, and so much barricading and building and road blocking happened right at that little corner. It's hard to miss.

Regardless, I didn't head downtown for the awards this year (something about screaming girls and squishiness that didn't seem too appealing). I watched it at home like most of the people did across Canada.

And what's an award show without the red carpet fashions? 


To be completely honest, I am not a Selena Gomez fan. I think she's pretty, but I think that it's something about her not looking her age. She's 18 or so now, but she looks really young. Sometimes it seems as if she's a little girl playing dress up. This ensemble, however, changes my view on her (just a bit). It makes her look really sophisticated and chic. Not to mention, how well she mixed the two hottest trends of the summer - a nude and a bright. The dress itself has such an interesting texture to it, very different to all the nude dresses I've been seeing this season (as in mostly chiffon or silky). I absolutely love this number. 

Kreesha Turner's look is so simple, yet edgy and modern. Even though she is quite risqué with the top selection, the conservative navy and black colour choice balanced it out. It's a sexiness that doesn't go overboard. She's showing just enough that doesn't make her look too office-lady or too hoochie. The lace up booties are an added plus. 


Not too long ago, Avril Lavigne donned frilly frocks and long floor length gowns. Why did she rewind back to her punky teenage self? She's wearing a t-shirt that I'm sure she cut herself, and what's up with the leggings? This is a clear example of how lace is soon probably going to be a dying trend - the use of it here is just plain wrong. And those shoes! They look like sluggish monsters attached to her feet! Oh Avril, you have so much potential to be on everyone's best dressed lists, so why don't you? 

Kat Graham, looking good. But wait! Why are there so many random silver things? Oh, I get it, a buckle dress. Seriously, if this dress didn't have the buckles and the extra straps hanging off, this would've been a killer outfit. But look. The buckles are placed ever so awkwardly! Note the crotch buckle circle. And buckles on your chest can't be that comfortable either. She gets brownie points for trying something different, and most definitely, those gorgeous shoes. 

The colour of this dress on is really complementing on Alyssa Reid. It's a nude that doesn't wash her out. Now if only those black lines would disappear. Those outlines are creating a really unflattering illusion of her figure. They run sideways, so it makes her seem bigger than she actually is. So close, so close. 

To be honest, this year, I wasn't really wow-ed by the celebs choices (of course, with a few exceptions). Well, there's always next year?

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