Friday, June 24, 2011

Mad Hot Wonderland Gala

This past Tuesday was the National Ballet of Canada's annual fundraising event held at the Four Seasons Performing Centre for the Arts. This year, Mad Hot Wonderland was themed after their highly successful production of Alice in Wonderland with the England's Royal Ballet.

Although the Alice has been sold out completely at the box office, guests were able to watch an excerpt of it, as well as dance pieces including Passacaglia, No. 24 and The Dying Swan.

Personally, I'm not a dancer, but I appreciate it so much. I have always loved ballet. So to me, the performance was incredible. The first two were more lyrical and interpretive, which was nice. The Dying Swan and Alice were more classical ballet, which was done beautifully.

After the performance was finished, we all went back outside where hor d'oeuvres, cocktails, and wine were being served in the completely transformed building. No longer did you feel like you were at the Four Seasons, but instead, a rather large tea party. There were long tables with hot pink tablecloths, brightly coloured teacups, and a display of the large caterpillar smoking hookah.

Guests themselves also contributed to the whole Madhatter's tea party feel as well. Many (including yours truly) donned beautiful headpiece, no two alike, and bold coloured attire was spotted everywhere.

What was even cuter, were the girls dressed up as Alice playing croquet on Osgoode Lawn.

Needless to say, I was very glad that I wasn't late for this very important date.

Did I mention that I made my own fascinator for the night? It's pretty nice. I love DIYs.

Like it? I'm going to give it away soon! Keep checking for details.

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