Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Comeback!

So, the last time I said that I had recover from my hiatus, clearly, I was lying. (Although, I had every intention of returning.. but you know, life is so unexpected sometimes)

So voila! Summer has arrived, and I'm feeling fabulous.

Before leaving Montreal, I had a chance to sublet a place (with a communal kitchen) that led me to do some quick (but super yummy) cooking, party a bit (or a lot) and chill with some lovelies before I left town.

I decided from now on, I'll be taking my own pictures and share them (because I never take pictures, and if I do, they stay on my camera). So equipped with my new camera (just a Sony Cyber-shot with 14.1 aka my new companion) I'm ready to be "that" girl (oh, you know the ones.. the trigger happy, must-take-a-picture-of-everything-in-my-life type)

the boyfriend came to visit

did some shopping for a new wardrobe & styling for him 

olive + gourmand in old port
amazing sandwich !

mac + cheese w/ salad 

made snapper fish with cabbage
took a while... especially since I got home from work at 11

old port steakhouse

we got the same dessert 

m cafe for lunch
apple crumble pie

chicken club blt. 

enjoying this

macarons at m cafe

so delicious


she doesn't cook often. so we made breakfast together

french toast !


my favourite veg

my little student

My last few days in Montreal summed up in pictures.

I made meringues and macarons! Did I forget to mention that? Well, I'll post step-by-step instructions for those tomorrow. So, keep a watch out. 

This summer, I'm going to be cooking, making, doing, reading, typing, taking and hopefully blogging. 

I love soaking up that sun. And the space there is for me to do that here.

PS. I was just looking at my last post and my new has collection barely started. I have my concepts and fabrics. Waiting for my machine and dress form to return back to me before continuing. Details soon.. hopefully. 

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